A New Type of Drone

Sparrow Jumper Showcase

In recent years drones have become commonplace, normally in the form of multi-rotors. These small flying machines are fantastic due to the ease with which they can be flown and built, however they are limited in their usefulness for long range or long endurance (high flight time) operations. A new type of drone is needed for the civilian market to fulfil this role.

Our vision is to revolutionise the commercial drone industry by providing aircraft which are capable of real world ranges and payloads without requiring ground infrastructure. We envision a future where drones are associated with small jumping aircraft, as well as short range multi-rotors.

What are we doing?

We are using advances in control systems and lessons from nature to create a jumping aeroplane. By attaching a leg to a fixed wing aeroplane, we can get VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) performance without many of the compromises needed when using more conventional techniques. We have started testing the leg mechanism and we are excited about the results we have collected.

Sparrow Jumper Take-Off

Over the next few months we will be sending out regular blog posts covering several topics related to drones and aircraft in general, as well as showing how a Passerine Aircraft progresses from design to a functioning aircraft.

Who we are

We are aviation experts by study and trade, and are passionate about aircraft and strongly believe that this type of aeroplane needs to exist. I personally have been passionate about aircraft for as long as I can remember. In fact if you were to find books of mine from preschool, you would find them full of pictures of aeroplanes and birds.

I now have a Masters in Engineering and I’m excited to bring a new type of aeroplane into the world.

Assembled Sparrow Bush Plane

Over the last few months a dedicated team of engineers, enthusiasts and student interns have been working hard to make jumping aeroplanes a reality.

Passerine Engineering Team

Why Passerine?

I am often asked why the company is called Passerine Aircraft. I know it’s a long name and not the easiest to say.  To answer the question, one must first look at what a Passerine is.

Passerines are birds of the order Passeriformes and make up more then half of all bird species. They are commonly known as perching birds or songs birds. Swallows, Martins, Weavers, Sunbirds and Crows are just some of the birds which fall into this order.  One of the main defining features of Passerines is a foot with 3 toes facing forward and one backward to allow perching.  Wikipedia provides a good overview the Passerine order of birds.

Passerine Bird in Flight
Photo used with the permission of the owner: Mark Medcalf — © All Rights Reserved

At Passerine Aircraft we are developing “legged” aeroplanes which will take-off and land like perching birds. We also envision a future with a diverse range of aircraft for different applications, thus creating a family of “Passerines” to mimic nature.

How to follow our progress

We are in for an exciting next couple of months. Our prototypes are coming into form, which finally gives us the opportunity to test and prove our concept. We would like you to come on this journey with us, so keep on eye on this blog and follow us on social media.

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